The Cost of Green ELT

Can we afford to do what we should at a time when our profession / industry is being squeezed by Covid? How much does it all cost to go green in ELT? The short answer is, many of the actions we should be taking will actually save us money. So we have good business reasons for joining the #GreenELT movement and doing what we know is right. More here.

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Future of ELT

Trinity College London is the latest ELT organisation to rather belatedly recognise that the future of ELT might actually be affected by the survival of our species on the planet. You can catch Christopher Graham’s session on ELT and Climate Change: Where Next? at this year’s Future of ELT 2021 conference, Saturday 26 June at 11:15 – 12:00 UK time. Register free here.

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Breaking Boundaries

A newly released Netflix documentary, “Breaking Boundaries: The Science of Our Planet,” features David Attenborough and Johan Rockström, one of the scientists who introduced the concept of planetary boundaries. The film sounds alarm on planetary boundaries, but offers hope. Highly recommended: read more here and watch the film here. #GreenELT

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Thunberg on #ForNature

Amazing that it still takes a teenager to join the dots, clearly setting out the problems and the solutions in a way that our political leaders generally fail to do:

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Outrage and Optimism

Outrage and Optimism is a weekly podcast that provides everything you need to keep up to date with the latest environmental developments: ‘We explore the challenges, frustrations and genuine outrage we need to face this crisis, and we explore the real changes already happening that offer the stubborn optimism we need to play our part in building a thriving new economy and world.’ This week’s podcast is about the nature agenda and how we cannot deal with the climate crisis without also addressing nature. Some wonderful music too from Marie Spaemann. Highly recommended.

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The Climate Connection podcast

#TheClimateConnection podcast series from The British Council starts 12 May. It explores the relationship between the climate crisis and language education. Ten episodes will feature a wide range of leading practitioners working in the sector – teachers, trainers, researchers, publishers and authors – from Colombia to China, Moldova to Mali, and Palestine to Poland. In partnership with the Oxford English Dictionary, you’ll also learn more about the origins of climate-related language. For more information about ‘The Climate Connection’ podcast visit

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Climate Action in Language Education

Good to see The British Council stepping up its response to the climate and ecological emergency: see and register now for the free Climate Action in Language Education professional development training series – starts on 28 April.

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Leading from within

“This is one of the most consequential decades in human history. That might sound like an exaggeration but it’s not. By 2030 either we will have reduced emissions by 50% and will be well on our way to a regenerative world where we turn things around at the last minute; or we will have begun to lose control over our climatic system and it will matter less what we do after that.” These are the words of Tom Rivett-Carnac who, alongside Christiana Figueres, helped bring about the successful Paris Agreement on climate change. But one of the problems for people aware of the reality of our situation and wishing to do something about it, is burnout. So we need to strike a balance between being in touch with what is going on, without being overwhelmed by it; and take time to come back to ourselves to find a place of centred calm from where we will develop the resilience to do the work we need to do. So says Rivett-Carnac’s life coach, Jo Confino. To learn more,  watch the two men in conversation in this fascinating discussion hosted by the Climate Coaching Alliance.

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Emperor with no clothes

“Climate change is as big a threat to world peace as war,” the UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, recently told the UN Security Council, as he committed the UK, host of this year’s key climate conference, COP 26, to leading the world on action. Yet the UK’s own influential Public Accounts Committee (PAC) comprised of UK Members of Parliament says ministers have “no plan” to meet climate change targets, two years after setting them in law. Renowned economist Andrew Simms lays all of this bare in a brilliant article settings recent UK spending commitments in perspective: “What that leadership currently looks like is a government which announced an increase in its military spending of £16.5 billion in November 2020, and in 2020-21 spent at least £41.2 billion on the military and just £3.1 billion on reducing carbon emissions.” Strip away the green rhetoric and what lies beneath looks very much like business as usual with all its toxic legacy for our children and grandchildren.