InnovateELT 2020

Congratulations to Innovate2020 Conference, 15 – 16 May in Barcelona Spain, promising ‘In the wake of the #ExtinctionRebellion protests, #fridaysforfuture and Dan Barber’s iELT19 declaration that we are in a climate emergency, this year’s conference is going green.’ Look out in particular for the four-hour Workshop on 15 May, ‘Moving towards sustainable ELT.’ Information and booking here.

The End of the World has Already Happened

Listen to this excellent three-part podcast from Timothy Morton in which he rethinks our psychological relationship with the climate crisis and our place in the biosphere. ‘This is foetal-position time,’ he says, ‘but it’s on us: dolphins don’t have fingers to turn off the oil pipes.’ Feeling guilty and powerless is not the answer: ‘How come we conned ourselves into thinking that being ecological means we can’t have any fun anymore?’