The Time is Now

The very first – Summer 2020 – edition of Bloomberg Green climate magazine aims to chronicle a new era of climate solutions alongside a frank appraisal of climate facts and figures: “The world has been brought low by the Covid-19 pandemic, but it has the means to rebuild itself better. Let’s take this era of climate solutions as seriously as our real fear of reaching a dead end.”

Oxford University to divest from fossil fuels

Oxford University
Photo by Sidharth Bhatia on Unsplash

Excellent to see that Oxford University has at last committed to removing its investment money from fossil fuels. It’s no wonder: when young people are choosing which university to attend, this is one of the first things they need to ask. It’s their future after all. More here.


InnovateELT 2020

Congratulations to Innovate2020 Conference, 15 – 16 May in Barcelona Spain, promising ‘In the wake of the #ExtinctionRebellion protests, #fridaysforfuture and Dan Barber’s iELT19 declaration that we are in a climate emergency, this year’s conference is going green.’ Look out in particular for the four-hour Workshop on 15 May, ‘Moving towards sustainable ELT.’ Information and booking here.

Actions not words

A load of hot air?
A load of hot air?

The UK Government today announced that a ban on petrol and diesel cars would be brought forward to 2035. While this might sound like good news, we should greet such announcements cautiously. Is this any more than an attempt to control the narrative? Throwing a few crumbs down the road for us to run after? Future commitments are easily made and easily broken. We should look instead at what the government is actually doing now. It has just approved Europe’s biggest gas power station, for example, and is planning a cut in air passenger duty on domestic flights. We need to judge the UK government by its actions, not by its words.