Why Now?

Greta Thunberg at a school strike

We have already witnessed strong feeling around the world among young people concerned about climate change. Greta Thunberg articulates this well and we have seen children in many different countries joining school strikes. When people make a choice about coming to the UK to study English, they will increasingly be looking for schools that demonstrably understand their environmental responsibilities.

It’s not just Greta and her friends. The worldwide Extinction Rebellion protests have drawn widespread public sympathy and encouraged the UK government to declare a climate emergency. As the effects of climate change become more marked and public awareness grows, businesses that cannot demonstrate environmental responsibility are likely to be overtaken by those that do.

Early adoption of environmental responsibility by your business can be an excellent marketing tool. This may be seen as cynical, but the businesses that are able to read and catch the prevailing wind are likely to be the ones moving into the lead. See this example and another here.

Nor is it just your customers. ELT is largely a caring profession. The quality of your operation depends on the quality of your staff. Attracting and keeping the best talent is a business imperative. You need people who care about the future and they will be looking for schools that care about it too.

People will quickly see through any kind of greenwashing you might be tempted to apply. Staff and students who arrive in a school that professes environmentally responsibility will soon realise if it is not carried through to every part of the operation. You need to do this root and branch. 

And why wouldn’t you? Your ELT operation affects the environment. All businesses and processes do. This site will help you to assess these impacts and make positive changes to help your business, your profits, your reputation and our world.

If the business case doesn’t convince you, then think about the people you love. The science around climate change is unequivocal: see http://theconsensusproject.com/ In the end the strongest business case to reduce and compensate for our greenhouse gas emissions is that if we don’t there may not be a future for us to do business in.

So what’s stopping you?