ELT is in a unique position to increase environmental awareness and positively influence behaviour among students from many different countries:

Deepening our students’ connection with nature​:

Just teaching about environmental issues will not make our students – particularly children – care for the environment. Taught badly it could actually have the opposite effect. What will make our students care is a deepened connection with nature. So part of our responsibility as ELT professionals is to find ways of deepening that connection. Some ideas:

Influencing – further information:

Council for Learning Outside the Classroom:

Green Schools Project: ​resources to help scaffold school initiatives and get young people involved in environmental campaigns

Eco Schools Programme: ​WWF programme aiming to build awareness and good practice in schools, leading to a Green Flag award

Teaching and Learning for a Sustainable Future: ​UNESCO Teacher education programme

ELT Sustainable: ​ideas for sustainably teaching about sustainability

Into Film – film suggestions: environment-themed films and documentaries that can be ordered, watched and discussed in your school

Into Film – Eco Explorers notes for teachers: ​teaching resource that aims to develop primary-level learners’ understanding of local and global environmental issues

Outdoor Learning Made Easy: Blog page for this commercial organisation includes lots of good general information on why outdoor learning matters.
26 February 2020

Instituto Terra: ​Another good news story

Forest Garden video: ​how a diverse forest garden in the UK can help nature to adapt to climate change.

Integrating Global Issues in the creative English Language classroom​: ELT publication based on UN Sustainable Development Goals

Daniel Barber ELT Climate Emergency Declaration:

Eco TEFL​: Thought-provoking blog entry from Christopher Graham. See also ​this video

IATEFL Global Issues SIG: ​web site​ and F​acebook page