There are simple things we can do without measuring to save money and reduce the impact of our operation on the environment: things like reducing water, paper and energy consumption and reducing waste. In some cases – for example seasonal operators in rented premises – we may not be able to measure everything. However, there are also good reasons for measuring where we can:

  • The process of conducting an environmental audit may reveal opportunities to reduce consumption and waste (and costs) of which we were unaware.
  • By measuring we are able to demonstrate progress. This is important for the credibility of our efforts and for general morale.
  • If you want any kind of certification you will need to show measurements to prove your efforts.
  • In some cases – for example compensating for student flights (see Offsetting above) – there is no alternative but to measure.
  • Schools may be in a position to involve students in (parts of?) an environmental audit, with educational and motivational benefits. School certification schemes require this.

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